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What to expect  

Prepared tattoo station, sterility, Warsaw, safety at work

Professionalism and                            Security 

There are more factors involved in the success of a session than the end result alone. The session starts with the first contact and already at this stage we are able to decide on the further fate of the collaboration. Therefore, I focus not only on the attractiveness of the design, but equally on ensuring high standards of hygiene and professionalism. When deciding on a collaboration, you will be guaranteed refreshments in form of a warm drink, where we will have time to discuss the design and ask any burning questions. The session takes place in accordance with accepted standards and sanitary requirements. I use quality, sterilised equipment and top-shelf pigments. After the treatment, I provide appropriate aftercare information, but we also stay in touch to monitor the correct healing process and address concerns and doubts on an ongoing basis.


Each project prepared is a guarantee of an individual approach and listening to your expectations regarding the tattoo. On the basis of a detailed consultation we determine WHAT the tattoo should be for you and what it should represent. The design is created directly on your photograph, which guarantees that the composition precisely matches the natural movement of your body.

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A couple words about myself

Year 93' born and bred in Warsaw. Has always been interested in art, in the young years, in street art, adorning numerous graffiti: block of flats, walls, sometimes whole housing estates, and then in widely understood street-art and works of old masters. At the age of 13, I moved for my sins to Naples (Italy), where I finished high school and wondered what to do next. By profession a chemist - but that's not where my path lies. I have always liked creativity, challenges and living by my own rules. A bit of a dreamer, a bit of an idealist, at the age of 17 I complete a course in hygiene and tattoo techniques, which turns out to be the first step on the road to happiness. The first years are rather slow: I attend conventions and seminars. I try to learn as much as possible and ''steal'' with my eyes from my idols. After a few years of touring Europe, motivated by the level of artists, I return permanently to Poland where I decide to bet everything on one card: I quit my former job and dedicate myself 100% to tattooing. It was the year 2020 and since then I am a regular attendant of Polish and foreign tattoo conventions, I broaden my scope of knowledge by attending numerous panel discussions, seminars and trainings. I conduct trainings for beginners. You can find me permanently in Warsaw, Nowy Świat, but I often travel to guest spots (guest appearances in befriended studios), in Poland and abroad.

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How to book?

You can sign up by contacting us in a message on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, by email or by filling in the contact form on the website. Any form that seems most convenient to you will suit. Remember, however, that for an efficient evaluation, your enquiry should include information such as size (in cm), location on the body and a brief description of the planned design. It is good to have a few references ready, but remember that the tattoo design will be created from scratch based on our consultation. To make it easier all the necessary information is listed in the form, which I strongly encourage you to use.

By appointment, a studio consultation is available. I offer a 30-minute window, between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., for an initial discussion of the project and to take the photographs I need to prepare the project and presentation. This is best if you want to clarify something or if you are planning a large format project that will require more sessions.

How long do you wait for an appointment?

The waiting time depends on the size and complexity of the pattern, but should not be longer than a month or two. I try to keep a calendar without being too crowded, so I often have space for interesting designs 'out of the queue'. Information about upcoming available dates, cancellations and changes in the calendar is published on Instagram stories. You can also check availability on the partner website -->HERE

Formularz Kontaktowy

Contact form

Skin tone

Cover up

A short description of your idea

Please include a few photos illustrative, they will serve as inspiration and help me better understand your expectations

Upload file
Upload file
Upload file
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Include a photo of the area you intend to tattoo in a relaxed, straight position. Capture nearby tattoos, if there are any

Upload file
Upload file

Thank you for your application! I will respond as soon as possible!


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